Tint, Clearbra, and Detail Products


3M Certified Tint and Clearbra Dealer

At TruTouch we used only best for our customers.  Providing them with an option of both ceramic and non-ceramic window Tint options along with an outstanding Scotchgard Paint Protector (Clearbra). 

Only approved 3M tint and clearbra install and seller within a 30 mile radius

With 3M Tint you will

  1. Number one most recognized tint company
  2. Premium dyed film technology
  3. Stay 45% cooler
  4. See a reduction in glare up to 93%
  5. See higher UV protection 99%
  6. Increase your privacy by blocking 95% of visible light
  7. There is a lifetime warranty for all 3M Tint
  8. You will not experience blistering, bubbling, or delamination.

With 3M Scotchgard Paint Protector (Clearbra) you will 

  1. Find your vehicle looks newer longer
  2. It protects paint against chips, scratches, stands and the elements
  3. It's durable and maintenance free
  4. It's virtually invisible protection
  5. There is a 10 year warranty from date of purchase
  6. Be free of yellowing, bubbling or cracking


Only approved Lexen Tint Installer within a 30 Mile Radius

  1. Premium 2 Ply carbon-based film 
  2. Particle technology film containing nano technology for maximum heat rejection
  3. Has a 99% UV protection 
  4. IR heat rejection which helps while waiting at a traffic light reduce the heat impact
  5. Overall vehicle heat reduction
  6. Reduces Glare
  7. Helps address privacy and security concerns
  8. Lifetime warranty


Detail Products by Adams

Adam's is recognized in the detail industry as on of the top product distributors and TruTouch only use the best detail products for our customers. 

Adams products consist of:

  1. The ultra foam shampoo used to get all the dirt and grim off
  2. Clay bar for those vehicles needing that baby soft feel
  3. Three stage correcting polishes to help bring out the shine & reduce light scratches.
  4. Premium extra soft microfiber towels to ensure we protect the quality of your paint job while detailing the vehicle 
  5. Top of the line wax products the buttery, patriot, and carnuba waxes


Ceramic Paint Protective Coat

Helps to maintain the longevity of your vehicles paint.

Recommended for new cars or cars that have received paint correction and scratch removal work.

  1. Last longer than a wax or sealant.
  2. Last from 2 to 5 years depending on the package
  3. Helps to protect against harsh chemicals, paint fading/oxidization
  4. Helps with keeping paint showroom quality and increases resales value