Valued Customer

While all of us, as a society deal with this very serious pandemic. TruTouch is here to support you.  We are taking every precaution to ensure our shop is safe for our customers and employees to continue business as usual.  We are following the proposed guidelines to from the World Health organization below and more.  

Steps We are taking


Free Pickup and Drop Off Service

We normally have a $25.00 pick up and drop off service fee.  During these trying times we are waiving this fee to allow our customers the ability to get their car cleaned in preparation for returning to work or driving to the store for picking up essentials.  

Onsite (at home) vehicle inspections

All details have a base price that can be viewed on the Our Services page but with each base price we do an onsite inspection to evaluate additional time impacts related to doing the detail which could result in additional costs.    We will ask the customer to come outside to inspect the car at pick up and drop off.  We will maintain social distancing guidelines by asking the customers to be on one side of the vehicle and our staff on the opposite side.  We will also ask the customer to leave the key on the seat for us to pick up so we can to take vehicle the shop for servicing.

Shop Deep Cleaning

As we go through this we have increased the cleaning process around the shop to protect our customers and employees.

Employees feeling sick

We are asking our employees not feeling well to stay home and if they come in sick  we will respectfully ask them to leave to protect our customers and other employees on the premises. 

Washing hands and wearing protective gear

We are encouraging all customers  and employees to wash their hands frequently  and wear protective gear when interacting with others.  We will also have our employees wear protective gear during the cleaning of vehicles along the pick up / drop off to customers to ensure we maintain a containment free zone.  

Complimentary Steam cleaning

To ensure all customers doing an interior detail feel their vehicle has been disinfected we are including a steam cleaning service across all areas of the car interior to ensure that we remove any containment's or cleaning products may have missed.  Steam is known to kill viruses and it is believed Coronavirus will not withstand a steam cleaning service.  We will also do this on the door handles and exterior areas of the doors customers frequently have a tendency to touch.